1Z0-804 認定資格試験問題集 - 1Z0-804 試験問題集

NO.1 Given:
Which two statements concerning the OO concepts "IS-A" and "HAS-A" are true?
A. Tagget is-a Glommer.
B. Tagget has-a doStuff()
C. Flommer has-a String.
D. Tagget has-a Glommer.
E. Flimmer is-a Glommer.
F. Flimmer is-a ArrayList.
Answer: A,C

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B: The relationship modeled by composition is often referred to as the "has-a" relationship. Here
Flommer has a String.
E: The has-a relationship has an encapsulation feature (like private or protected modifier used before
each member field or method).
Here Tagget has-a method doStuff()
F: Tagget implements Glommer.
Tagget is-a Glommer.
Note: The has-a relationship has an encapsulation feature (like private or protected modifier used
before each member field or method).

NO.2 Given the code fragment:
What is the result?
A. getName(0): education subpath(0, 2): education\institute\student
B. getName (0): C:\
subpath (0, 2): C:\education\report.txt
C. getName(0): education subpath (0, 2): education\institute
D. getName(0): report.txt subpath(0, 2): insritute\student
E. getName(0): C:\ subpth(0, 2): C:\education
Answer: C
Path path = Paths.get("C:\\home\\joe\\foo");
-> home
Reference: The Java Tutorial, Path Operations

NO.3 Given: javac Test.java java ea Test
And the commands:
What is the result?
A. Compilation fails
B. Standard Edition Enterprise Edition Micro Edition
C. Standard Edition class java.lang.AssertionError Micro Edition
D. Standard Edition is printed and an Assertion Error is thrown
Answer: D

1Z0-804 最新   1Z0-804 認定デベロッパー   
javac Test.java
will compile the program.
As for command line:
java ea Test
First the code will produce the output:
Standard Edition
See Note below.
The ea option will enable assertions. This will make the following line in the switch statement to be
default: assert false;
This will throw an assertion error. This error will be caught. An the class of the assertion error
(class java.lang.AssertionError) will be printed by the following line:
Note:The java tool launches a Java application. It does this by starting a Java runtime
environment, loading a specified class, and invoking that class's main method. The method
declaration must look like the following:
public static void main(String args[])
Paramater ea:
-enableassertions[:<package name>"..." | :<class name> ] -ea[:<package name>"..." | :<class
name> ]
Enable assertions. Assertions are disabled by default. With no arguments, enableassertions or -ea
enables assertions.
Note 2:
An assertion is a statement in the JavaTM programming language that enables you to test your
assumptions about your program. Each assertion contains a boolean expression that you believe will
be true when the assertion
executes. If it is not true, the system will throw an error.
public class AssertionError extends Error
Thrown to indicate that an assertion has failed.
Note 3:
The javac command compiles Java source code into Java bytecodes. You then use the Java
interpreter - the
java command - to interprete the Java bytecodes.
Reference:java - the Java application launcher
Reference:java.langClass AssertionError

NO.4 Given the code fragment:
What is the result?
A. Null B D
B. B D
C. Null B null D
D. D
E. An exception is thrown at runtime
Answer: B

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